SherLOCK Security is a decentralized liquidity custody, audit group, token sale organizing service, dapp incubator and secure launchpad for new projects.

LOCK will put an end to scams by providing a safe, secure, and trustworthy launchpad for developing cryptocurrency projects looking to enhance investor confidence and become part of a larger mutually beneficial partner network.

LOCKs liquidity and team token custody program can be tailored to custom fit any size project looking to utilize launchpad services. Each project will be reviewed independently for the best development plan and release of team tokens or liquidity, LOCKs custody ensuring agreed upon team milestones and development goals are hit.

Presale 'gas wars' is another big issue not being tackled currently. In the presale launch phase of a new project, 'gas wars' ruin new investor experiences due to high gas fees and rushed mouse clicking to be first in line. LOCK will utilize a unique token sale and distribution method which will eliminate gas wars for early buyers and also prevent early buyer dumping through time-locked release of presale tokens to investors.

LOCK will develop a partner network through its launchpad projects, adding further value through use of partner coin holding requirements or registration fees for future LOCK presales. These holding requirements serve to benefit all partners within the network by further decentralizing tokens while creating a robust and healthy uber community of partner coins. Meet and collaborate with other projects in the network, develop additional use cases and value adds through partner networking!

Advantages of LOCK

  • icons Token Sale Launchpad

    Secured launchpad for ERC20 Token Sales, enhancing both investor and development team security. Presale gas wars are no longer an issue through our unique token presale model. LOCK launchpad partners also benefit from presale partner coin requirements for both our partners and investors.

  • icons Escrow Services

    Liquidity locking and team token time-locks are two essential steps to safeguarding investor funds. Investors can be assured a LOCK launched project will be successful through customized team milestones which will incentivize honest growth and development.

  • icons Dapp Incubator

    Dapp incubation services for teams with project concepts but are lacking technical development resources. Utilize LOCKs trusted vendor network to create the dapp of your dreams. Reach out to our staff today to reserve a launchpad position! Quality projects only, DO NOT submit your 'shitcoins' to us, they will be denied.

  • • Turnkey Security & Launchpad Solutions: From conception to presale to post launch development, LOCK provides a safe environment for developers and investors.


What is LOCK Token

Some of LOCK Token's main use cases outlined below, using well known decentralized and trustless models to bring the most benefit back to the end-user.

  • icons DApp Incubator & Launchpad

    From dapp concept to token sale on into development, LOCK team has the tools to bring your dream dapp to life! Whether seeking direct launchpad access or incubation services as well, LOCK Team will effeciently coordinate with project teams to build and bring valueable products to market.

  • icons Presale Organization

    LOCKs unique presale system removes the need to war for gas and waste your precious coin on unecessary fees. LOCK token registry fees will enhance value and ensure serious entrants only, all secured by smart contract. As LOCKs partner network grows and expands, partner coin requirements will be utilized for future presales, enhancing value throughout multi ecosystems in the partner network.

  • icons Liquidity & Team Token Custody

    LOCK team will work with each individual team on its launchpad to determine the best plan for strategic development through the timed release of liquidity and/or team tokens, through use of milestone goal requirements for release of funds.

  • icons Audit & Security Review

    LOCK partners will undergo both contract audit from several sources and will also be subject to comprehensive security review before launchpad approval. LOCK launchpad projects must uphold decentralized values and bring real use-case to be considered for LOCKs partner network.

  • icons Proof Of Liquidity

    LOCK will setup liquidity pools with additional mining incentives for its investors and partners to earn from. Taking advantage of popular finance coin mechanics, end-users can stake their UNIv2 liquidity tokens and earn LOCK rewards for their decentralized lending to the platform through staking drips which deliver those incentives over time.

  • icons LOCK Staking

    LOCK provides multiple different reward pools for different stakers within its network. From liquidity pool staking, to simple LOCK token staking contracts, the investor has options to choose from for the different rewards and profit sharing that LOCK offers and will continue to expand through its partner network.


LOCK Tokenomics

LOCK Token is a deflationary token with a 2% burn rate on every transfer. In addition to its numerous use-cases within the LOCK partner network and launchpad services, LOCK will remain valuable due to its deflation and continued use in the network. Holding, mining, or staking will all provide unique rewards and give options to users with different investment strategies.

LOCK token presale will commence privately and LOCK tokens will be distributed to presalers as displayed in the Token Release Chart within our Whitepaper.

An example of Partner Presale Page design is shown on the right. Each Partner Page can be custom designed by our design team to fit each partner's needs.

All your needs for dapp development are met through LOCKs turnkey blockchain services. Reach out to the team if you are interested in joining our Partner Network!

  • * Create a concept for incubation or bring a ready to market project onto our LOCK Launchpad.

  • * Work with our team to plan and execute reasonable development goals with LOCKs assistance and support.

  • * Continue to be supported and enhanced both by LOCK team and through onboarding of new LOCK Partners, bringing benefit to the greater Partner Network ecosystem.

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